Educational workshops

Educational workshops are training activities offered by the PMTS Master Program. They are characterized by an emphasis on practical activities and therefore they are directed to the transmission of a "know-how" that integrates and qualifies the training process, forming an ideal bridge between the theoretical-methodological knowledge offered in class and professional practice for which the student is prepared. For this reason the workshops have the following characteristics:
   - they have a limited number
   - they are compulsory and it is therefore not possible to be absent for more than 25% of the hours of the activity
   - they require active student participation

Participation in the educational workshop allows the student to acquire an eligibility that corresponds to the number of credits provided for in the study plan of the course (5 credits, equivalent to 125 hours of student activity).
All students can register for the activity. Depending on the study plan of the degree program, the credits obtained can fully contribute to the achievement of the CFU needed to complete the course of study, or they may be approved by the Degree Course Councils as supernumerary activities if they are already reached the maximum CFUs foreseen for the workshop activities.

For the academic year 2021/2022 the Master Course offer includes different laboratories:


  • Workshops

    PMTS01 - Short films lab for tourism
    PMTS02 - Digital Tools and Open Softwares for Infographics in Tourism
    PMTS03 - Territory and tourist development: case study on South Tyrol
    PMTS04 - A Rebirth in the Alps. Hosts & tourists among web strategies and territorial management
    PMTS05 - Storytelling in gastronomic experiences
    PMTS06 - Multisensory tourist guides for inclusiveness
    PMTS07 - Local Knowledge and Integrated Green Networks