Statistics of the course

This page presents information on how students evaluate the teaching of the course and the Almalaurea data on the employment status of graduates at 1, 3 and 5 years from graduation. You can consult the updated data in April 2018 and see the progress of the results in the last few years. Moreover, as far as students' evaluations are concerned, the distribution of the assessments obtained by question and the summary table can also be viewed.

The Master Course has organised a "Gruppo di Riesame", that is a group which examines the quality of the Master Course. This group is composed by Prof. Federica Burini (President), Rossana Bonadei member of the teaching staff, Elena Bougleux reference person for the quality staff-students, Cecilija Buklijas as students representative.

The Course offers also a tutorship service for students which implies the continous communication, support and advice by a tutor who is a graduated student of the master course: Noa Benvenisty.

The evaluations expressed by the Nucleo di Valutazione di Ateneo both in its annual report and in the reports on the opinions of students and undergraduates are available online. The same applies to the documentation produced by the Commissione Paritetica Docenti-Studenti of the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures.