How to graduate

Master's degree thesis: guide to drafting

Info and calendar of the graduation sessions (in italian) are published on the website of the Department.

Final Dissertation

To successfully complete the Master Course, students need to pay close attention to the deadlines presented in the Department's Didactic Calendar and carefully follow the secretarial procedures, both as regards the online compilation of the application for the provisional title of the final dissertation and as regards submission of the degree application.

The calendar of the graduation sessions is published on the website of the Department: whoever decides to postpone the discussion is asked to communicate it to the principal advisor of the final dissertation and the departmental structures as quickly as possible. Regarding the deadlines for the delivery of the final dissertation, it is recommended to make precise arrangements with the principal advisors, especially if they are expected to be on international mobility for a long period.

Deadlines for the presentation of Master Thesis are published at the following link Prove finali e tesi di laurea del Dipartimento