Admission Requirements

Applicants to the Master's Degree in Planning and Management of Tourism Systems must be in possession of a degree or a three-year university diploma, or other qualifications obtained abroad and recognized as eligible (Article 6, paragraphs 2 and 3 of DM 270 / 2004).
Possession of a three-year degree in L-15, L-12, L-11, L-1 , L-3, L-11, L-13 allows a direct curricular admission. Graduates from Italian Universities in possession of a degree other than the ones in the degree groups mentioned above are required to have at least 40cfu, obtained in disciplinary fields that are either distinctive and of local academic relevance to the Master’s Degree Program, namely

SECS-P/08, M-GGR/01 and 02, L-ART/04 and 06, SPS/10, L-LIN/4,7,14 (or related),

SECS-P/06, L-LIN/10, M-DEA/01, IUS/04 and 14  (or related)

Applicants are also required to have good spoken and written English skills (L-LIN/12), corresponding to a B2 level of European certification, as attested by the acquisition of at least 9cfu or equivalent certifications (First Certificate in English, Toefl 72, IELTS 5.5 or other equivalents).
Applicants must possess all the curricular requirements prior to the official assessment of their personal level of expertise. Assessment criteria are laid out by the Commission on the basis of consistency, with regard to the research potential and competence required for entry and with a view to ensuring the lasting value of the range of professional skills to be acquired.