Recognition of Certifications


International language certifications issued by accredited bodies are valid at European level and certify the level of knowledge achieved in a language with respect to scales of merit (the Common European Framework of Reference). These certifications are issued by official bodies in different countries (cultural institutes, ministries, universities, etc.) and for each language there are multiple levels of certification (from A1 to C2). If you have obtained one or more certifications, you can ask for the recognition of fractions of written / oral exams of the respective foreign language, based on what is indicated on the page "Recognition of linguistic certifications". DEADLINES FOR THE SUBMISSION OF REQUESTS FOR RECOGNITION OF LINGUISTIC CERTIFICATIONS: 30 NOVEMBER, 30 MARCH, 30 JUNE. Compliance with the deadlines ensures the student that there is at least one Degree Course Council that can validate the certification and grant the exemptions due before the written exam sessions of the respective languages ​​of January, May / June and September.


The Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures recognizes the following IT knowledge certifications: ECDL (European Computer Driving License), IC3 (Internet and Computing Core Certification), MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist), EIPASS 7 User Modules (CERTIPASS). These certifications can be recognised as extra credits (5CFU) of the Degree Course in PMTS. The recognition of certifications must be requested using the form, available on the Forms page (Type of form = Recognition of credits and certifications), which will be delivered to the Student Service in Via dei Caniana. The Student Service accepts the Certifications throughout the Academic Year, but the student will have to wait for the first Degree Course Council for the exemption to be validated. Subsequently, the student secretariat will update the student booklet.