Why do you choose this course?

International Open Day a.y. 2024-2025
Course Description

The LM-49 Master Course in Planning and Management of Tourism Systems is part of the internationalization project of the University of Bergamo. The course is based on a solid multidisciplinary approach and an innovative teaching perspective, made possible also by a selected team of internationally renowned foreign lecturers.

The Course aims to train professionals by providing a substantial overall background, as a necessary base to form specialized competences related to: the analysis of  tourism in  historical-cultural perspective; the analysis of territories and their environment, also in socio-economic perspectives; the processes of planning, management and organization of activities for the development of sustainable and responsible tourism and for the promotion of the historical and human capital of diverse geographical and cultural realities.


The Course favours student-oriented teaching, and expects students to take a key role in their cultural and professional training project from the very start. It deals with the themes of globalization and the international organization of tourism, of mobility and environmental and economic sustainability, also in light of the primary role now ascribed to the local communities.

The best program for you is probably a program that engages your passion


A passion for tourism? An interest in acquiring valuable and innovative skills in hospitality, intermediation, local development, cultural heritage, sustainable tourism? The opportunity to pursue training experiences abroad? The chance to put yourself to the test in an actual and challenging work environment? A need to understand the world of tourism as related to territory development and the new social communication?


PMTS has indeed much to offer: 

  • an international network, supported by a team of visiting professors and first-rate professionals from Italy and all over the world; 
  • experience-oriented workshops and practical on-field work
  • valuable corporate connections, and unique training opportunities backed by a solid partnership network (public institutions, organizations, enterprises); 
  • unique yearly workshops designed to fine-tune and test local and international projects; 
  • international opportunities and experiences
  • the chance to apply for two Double degree: Hospitality and Tourism Management at the Fairleigh Dickinson University (US-New Jersey) or Master en Tourisme at Université Lumière Lyon 2 (France).


Rather than going for a course you ought to take, choose one you really want to take!