PMTS Tourism Think Tanks

The Tourism Think Tank is a group-work activity dedicated to PMTS first year students to know each other, create connections, acquiring skills for an interdisciplinary approach to tourism. Every group is going to focus on a global topic related to tourism applied to a specific territorial case study identified by students.


Main topic a.y. 2020_2021: TOURISM IN TIME OF COVID-19

Students are invited to study the volume F. Burini (ed), Tourism facing a pandemic. From crisis to recovery, University of Bergamo, Bergamo, 2020 (free download:  



- groups are created with 8/10 members

- group meetings are organised in the class at the presence of the tutor and of some professors

- group work autonomously in class and at home


Results: each group will present the results of their work during a Christmas event (week of 14 December 2020) analysing for each area:

1 – the territorial contexts and main territorial resources (natural and cultural heritage, local knowledge and traditional immaterial heritage)

2 - accommodation and tourism services offered in the area

3 – stakeholders that are connected to tourism management

4 – the accessibility of the area (virtual and real accessibility)

5 - critical aspects emerging before and after the Covid pandemic

6 – a final proposal of a sustainable tourism project in the area for fighting the critical issues


Evaluation: after the final presentation, there will be a process of self-evaluation of the group following these criteria:

a) clear and linear presentation

b) use of the correct concepts and methodology given at the beginning of the work

c) critical approach and creativity for final proposals

Students’ work will be also evaluated by each professor teaching in the 1st semester during her/his own exam.

PMTS TTT PROGRAMME a.y. 2020_2021